How UK Govt Add Technology to the Education System?

 UK Govt implemented strategy by moving the leading technology companies to work with education institutions. The government provides professional development by the use of technology to reduce teacher workload and improve student learning.

How can students learn more by the use of technology?

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The UK government has been implementing a new strategy for the use of technology in the education sector. The use of technology can reduce the workload of teachers, and boost student performance by helping them focus on their studies.

Teachers and education experts could use this technology to tackle the challenges in their tasks and ensure that they are prepared with the required expertise and tools to help the students of schools, colleges, and universities.

To overcome education challenges, the UK Government is ambitious to engage technology sectors with the education institutions for innovative solutions.

  • Reduce the workload of teachers by the use of technology to save the time spent in marking homework.
  • Improve training and development opportunities for teachers by using new tools of online training.
  • Identifying anti-cheating software will work more to improve the quality of education.
  • Promote innovative technology with more customized options for people in special education or students with disabilities.

The education secretary, Damian Hinds argues as:

“We are living in a digital world and with the technology, we change our living styles both in the education sector and at the workplace. We need to think about how technology can be used for our interests. We can easily increase the use of technology and improve efficiency. In the education field, we realize that we can increase the work of teachers by using modern technology rather than helping to decrease their work” (UCL, 2019).

How UK government can implement an education technology policy?

The first step of the education sector is to take advantage of all the opportunities available in education technology. Now, many technology developers realize how to increase technology in the educational field for the improvement of education methodology. By using technology, teachers can save their time, can get for their professional development, and fulfill the needs of their students.

Students can use technology to increase their communication and learning skills and this is not possible without technology. Technology has brought new qualities in students like advanced learning and communication skills. This strategy enables the Education Secretary to publish leading technology developers and education expert programmers providing different methods to help the government. The power of technology can support learners with bad conditions like dyslexia or autistic spectrum disorders.

How NESTA can contribute?

A new education technology leadership group has been announced to check the work of the education technology agenda by bringing all the educated employees within the industry. This group also provides a detailed report at the end of the year. This group can make different reports to determine the future use of technology and the development of the educational sector.

Government can work with the UK’s innovation foundation Nesta to find technological solutions. These technological solutions include essay marking, parental engagement, formative assessments, and timetabling solutions. There are many Educational Technology challenges to set out their plans. The partnership of the government and the UK’s innovation foundation Nesta can increase industry interest and improvement of products. This partnership also ensures that they meet the requirements of teachers, students, and lecturers.

BESA (British Education Suppliers Association)

Schools can get better products when buying technology through Lend Ed by working with the British Education Suppliers Association (BESA). Lend Ed is a free service that provides the facility to check educational software before buying. This plan ensures that schools and colleges are getting high benefits by spending millions of rupees on digital technology every year. The use of digital technology ultimately improves students’ performance, reduces teachers’ work, and also saves money spending on the schools.

Minister for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation Chris Skidmore said:

“As we know that with the use of technology, we are changing day by day. We are also using technology in our educational system. But we try to ensure that we keep peace in the educational system with this type of technology change. We need a proper system to work with the principals of schools and colleges, expert educational programmers, and tech companies to provide different benefits for our students and young persons” (UCL, 2019)

The strategy of improving performance

This strategy can boost the performance of the technology in schools, colleges, and universities.  This strategy also supports the educational sector of the UK by developing a wide range of useful products and different solutions for the development of technology. This plan can provide a series of radical schools and colleges by increasing expertise in the current system. Complete and proper training is provided to teachers, school leaders, and lecturers by using this plan.

The chartered college of Teaching can support school teachers and school leaders by giving free online training courses. It also provides high-quality professional development and knowledge to make the technology better.

The first step to reducing the burden of teachers is providing better education technologies. This step includes the performance of the teacher’s Vacancy Service. This service has been now introduced all around the world. This service provides the facility for the teachers to find their future careers.

The Future of UK education sector

The UK’s use of technology for innovation in the education sector is an integral part of their strategy of a highly developed society. In this way, the government can support future industrial growth. It could help support technologies companies to start their projects with the education institutions, scale their performance and grow.

The Education Technology Plan by the Government of UK will ensure better-equipped education institutions for more learning and development of students and teachers. It could enable them to focus more on the study materials, rather than spending time marking homework and other activities.

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